Speed Up Your Workflow with Veldora

Veldora revolutionizes the workflow for frontend developers by providing a powerful solution to accelerate API generation. With Veldora, frontend developers can seamlessly create APIs tailored to their project needs, streaming the process of collecting and storing data.

Powerful Tools. Limitless Possibilities.


Data submission and analytics just got a whole lot sexier!

Key Veldora Features

Seamless Integrations

Plug Veldora into your workflows like a well-oiled machine.

Data Analytics

Discover insights and patterns through Veldora's powerful tools.

Form Submission

Create custom forms to collect the data your business needs.

Security First

Safeguard your data with our industry-leading security measures.

Intuitive Interface

Effortlessly manage data with our user-friendly dashboard.

Rapid Support

Our team's got your back 24/7—come rain, hail, or asteroid attack.




  • 5 API buckets
  • 100 submissions limit
  • Basic Form Validation
  • Rate Limiting
  • Whitelisting



  • 20 API buckets
  • 10,000 submissions limits
  • Advanced Form Validation
  • Rate Limiting
  • Whitelisting
  • Custom Redirect
  • 5GB file upload
  • 2 collaborators



  • 100 API buckets
  • Unlimited submissions limits
  • Advanced Form Validation
  • Custom Redirect
  • 50GB file upload
  • Rate Limiting
  • Whitelisting
  • 2 collaborators
  • Active Support/Consultation
  • Custom Domain

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need backend development skills to get started?

Not at all! Veldora's user-friendly interface allows anyone to dive into data management without prior backend knowledge.

Are my forms and data secure?

Absolutely. Veldora is built on a foundation of strong security practices to ensure your data's safety.

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